Improvement Era: Subcommittee Chair Requests and Gun-Bikes

IE: Cake-Offerings To Get A Man In Your Debt, and The Gun-Bike Father-Son Activity!

The first is an elaborate “training” that seems to confuse a plan for “reactivation” with the results of that reactivation.  That is, the plan for reactivating men is, to get them doing things.  Efficient, for sure.

The little representation of “activity” in the form of marks by one’s name manages to reduce something as complex as spirituality, literally, to marks on a page.  One wonders how long we’ve been changing the definition of “active” in order to fit some committee’s notion.  Committees with charts and diagrams and marking cards arise in order to solve a problem, but end up finding ways to redefine the problem in such a way that it’s solution necessarily involves the surveillance of the committee.   No where on this page is the EQ President told to teach the gospel, as if the Truth was itself insufficient to get a guy moving things, or sweeping floors, and all the other things that have nothing to do with the Gospel.  Surveillance is utterly subverted when it comes to spirituality, thank heavens.


The Second Graphic is an ad for various products.  Look to the Honda bike, and you’ll see the beginnings of the purely awesomest Father-Son Activity in the Church.