An Invitation To President Romney To Sustain The Brethren

Dear Brother President Romney,

Recent legislation concerning [CHECK ONE: __Healthcare _Religion _Insurance Regulation _Financial Oversight _ Charitable Tax Codes _Malls  __Other________] has the possible possibility of infringing on our sacred right to [CHECK ONE: __Not Provide Birth Control, or other procedures we deem spiritually unnecessary _Do As We Please As A “Religion” (Wink Wink), Including Funding Political Campaigns __Do As We Please With No Oversight In The Insurance And/Or Financial Industry ___Not Pay Taxes On Our Corporation Sole’s Revenue or Assets __Intimidate  __Produce Rubbish We Call Religion __Other].  We, The Presiding Brethren of the Presiding Presidency of the Corporation Sole of the President of the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do hereby:




___Passive-Aggresively Lean On You



___Threaten Vaguely

To [CHECK ONE: ____Veto  ___Sign With A Statement Excluding “the Church” ___Ignore] the said [CHECK ONE or MORE: ___discriminatory,  ___anti-religion, ____anti-Mormon __Anti-Capitalist  __Anti-Money  __Anti-Me __Anti-Onah ___Anti-Mall] legislation.

The Brethren Have Spoken, even as we did in times of old, as when in July 2012, concerning the building of a giant MTC, utterly against our promises to never build so high to Heaven:   see here:


The Computer Who Signs The Name Legally Named As The Corporation Sole, Being The Corporation Of The President Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints.

PHOTO: Old Lady (Possibly a witch? or Lesbian Socialist Witch?) Who Accepted Our Invitation To Take Down Her Balloons:

Protest rises over church's proposed 9-story MTC building