On Priestcraft

What is a man who claims to hold the priesthood, who works for “the Church” and has the power to levy ecclesiastical discipline; and who, if he ceased working for that entity, would cease to be remunerated?  It is a priest, who is in the craft: Priestcraft.

When are we going to realize that Priestcraft is both forbidden and currently the primary activity of “the Church”?  Every person in the pay of the Corporation, and who could bring ecclesiastical discipline — from CES idiots, to BYU professors, to Presiding Bishop schills, the Q of the 12, and the Q of the 70, and the First Presidency — all are engaging in work expressly forbidden by the God in the Book of Mormon.  This is your official notice, if you haven’t been reading “the scriptures”.  Condemnation rests upon those who engage in priestcraft.

And they justify it because everyone else is too stupid, lazy, or unfaithful to get along without them.  Well, I say let us be Mormons without your MormonismTM, and everyone will see that all we need are: Faith; The Book of Mormon; Writings; the spirit.  What about the temples?  They control the temples, and levy a tax…I would say that is evil, plain and simple.  And it will be destroyed.  A poor man can go to the mountains, and receive angels and revelation.

The problems are not with the “locals,” as we are so often told.  The problems are with the vain, arrogant, insipid authorities (see: Sherri Dew) who take from everyone, and give back nothing; stuffing their bloated, cracking faces at the Cheesecake Factory, yukking it up; all while contriving some new way to tell us how to raise our families, what TV to watch, and whether our clothes are pleasing to God!

The problem is all the MormonsTM who defend this wickedness, despite prohobitions in the Book of Mormon.  If you do this, you are opposing Zion, and your time will end.  And soon enough, I suspect.

They — the authorities who get paid to run a financial empire, and to say it is “religion” — they claim to meet the needs of administration of the Gospel in “local” areas, as if the Book of Mormon, faith, the Holy Spirit, and so on were not sufficient.  It is anti-Christ in the extreme, and the fruits are bitter.  They say when we don’t suck down their bland product, we are in apostasy.  And their followers are even more brutal: the dogs slavering for attack, because they have not been feed for so very long.

What can we do, with such a colonizing body protected by U.S. law, corporate veils, deception, conspiracy, and the claims of divine representation?  I don’t know.  Pray for further light and knowledge.  Another book would do us a world of good, and maybe show that the Prophet is nothing more than a sleight of hand for building a kingdom opposed to God.  And ignore them, and all their billboards, malls, skyscrapers, websites, tv stations, newspapers, blah blah blah.  It makes me ill to think that they imagine the Truth needs their Arm of Flesh, youru soul cannot stand but upon their crutches.

My Mormonism is not a product of the SLC Corporate Body, and my faith is only weakened by their interventions, and their exploitation, and immense confusion and arrogance.  The insulting cover of BusinessWeek is their fault: They made it possible for a national magazine to present Jesus as commanding Joseph Smith to build a Mall.  They own that cover, and all the evil that comes from it.

And now I’m off to Sunday School.