New Book!!! A cultural history of the book of mormon, vol.1

Just published the first volume of the series,

A Cultural History of the Book of Mormon:

Volume One: Setting, A Foundation, Of Stones To Stumble Over.

The publishers page is here

You can read the book description there as well.

The presentation on the cultural history published on this blog is an overview of material presented in this book, which provides much greater detail and analysis, focusing on the earliest years of the Book of Mormon when it became “scripture” to a group of Restorationists living on the Isaac Morley farm.

You can buy direct from the publisher, or in a few days the book will available from Amazon in print and Kindle formats.

(The publisher is an Amazon company.)

UPDATE: Volume Two is in proof review, and Volume Three is underway.  Four and Five are close to being finished, as well.