1960s Home Teaching Film: Brought To You By Correlation

Here’s a video from BYU, excelling in melodrama, which tells exactly what can be accomplished by Priesthood Home Teaching: Healing the sick, reactivating the father of the sick, sucking up to quorum leaders, pleasing one’s wife, curing Jocko the Primary Demon of his ADHD, and so on.


Whoever wrote this thing was seriously messed up.  The guy sells attendance at church as an investment, “one hour for an eternity.”  John the boozy dad eventually piles a bunch of wood on Dave’s driveway; misinterpreted by the incessently sincere Dave as good old fun.  Eventually the Lord gets involved, leveraging a sledding accident into guilt, showing the Drunk fool what a terrible person he is.

Some passages of the film, be warned, somehow exceed in dullness and dread even an actual visit from the Home Teachers.