More O.L.G.A. from the First Presidency

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Dipping into the old vaults again, I found these little gems of instruction from whoever wrote letters an had a computer sign them. Probably the only time you’ll hear Joseph Fielding Smith use the word “trips” in reference to LSD.  Try to picture him doing the finger-quote thing, and saying “trips”.
1970 Bishops to More throuoghly interview perspective Missionaries

Nearly two decades later, and the list of activities counting as morally unclean has, surprisingly, only grown larger.

1988 Worhtiness of Missionaries – HWH


And yet, being sealed or even legally wed by an Elvis impersonator magically removed the stain of OLGA, at least, well, for some people, some time . . . maybe between October 1982 and December of that year?  The leadership’s position on the matter becomes increasingly unclear (perhaps McKonkie was a stalwart advocate of OLGA?), although it is clear that they don’t want to talk about OLGA any longer.  Ask, don’t ask, hint, allude, maybe point and make gestures in the Recommend Interview?  No clear instruction after 1982.

1982 Jan 5 Oral Sex letter

Umm, why are you bishops asking indelicate questions?

1982 Oct Stop Asking about Oral Sex