Wow. I mean, Wow.

Here’s a link to a forum for LDS protectors of freedom.

In this particular thread, the matter under discussion is whether Joseph Fielding Smith was “right” in 1961 when he claimed men will never, ever go to the moon.

Seriously, this is actually under debate: Was Joseph Fielding Smith correct, or not?

Totally fake!!!  How could I have been so foolish?

Here’s another question for the LDS Freedom forum: Do I exist? Perhaps someone is pretending to be me, worked up photos, bio, and so on. Prove I exist, for I am now in doubt, using the reasoning of some of your scholars: I have only pictures to see myself with, and I don’t make contact with myself, and it is physically impossible that I was created by sexual intercourse, according to physics. I was invented as part of a propaganda effort, to show how easy it is to convince myself that I exist.

Now, I can understand entertaining doubts about the Creation and Noah’s Ark, and so on, because one can always say, “God made it so.” But in this case, we are forced to explain away a lot of tangible evidence–such as satellites, cell phones, TV, weather channel, and the testimony of thousands–in order to keep Fielding Smith a prophet. No miracles, nor believe, only to keep our doubts alive about the Govamunt.

Incidentally, Wittgenstein said the same thing about men never landing on the moon (in the 1930s), although I think he’d admit he was wrong.