The BoM Cultural History Reading Project

I am starting this month The Book of Mormon Cultural History Reading Project.  It will run for eight months.

For the Reading Project, I will offer for download a PDF of every book in the series, on a monthly, rotating basis.

Every Tuesday for the next eight months, I will provide, for that week, a link to download 1/4 of the entire book. That quarter of the book will be removed and the next quarter posted for the next week, until the entire book has been posted. The PDFs will be removed from my blog, so that other websites don’t mistakenly believe it is their PDF to post or to sell.

(All PDFs posted in this Reading Project remain under copyright of this author, but you are encouraged to share the PDFs with whomever you like.  I just don’t want some robot selling complete copies of the series on Amazon or Scribd.)

The schedule looks like this:

February: Volume One
March: Volume Two A
April: Volume Two B
May: Volume Three Beta
June: Volume Three Delta
July: Volume Four A
August: Volume Four B
September: Volume Five


I will also be available to answer questions on the Facebook page for the Cultural History, as well as on the comments section of the post for that week.  Not every day, but a few times a week I’ll check in to see if questions want answering.

The hope is that those who cannot afford the series can access it here, while others would share it with friends who may be reluctant to jump into a series of this length.  (Volumes Four and Five will be available soon, on Amazon, too.)

In addition, the list price of the book for that month, and for the following month, will be reduced to $17.50.  Thus, for February, Volume One and Volume Two A will be reduced in price; for March, it’ll be Two A and Two B.  And so on.

In March I will also be releasing a “unified” Volume Two (with A and B), for sale at the list price of $27.50.  It’ll be a big book.  Volumes Three and Four will follow, as I finish the reformatting.

Finally, The Book of Mammon and The Abridging Works will be reduced to $17.50 for the entire run of the Reading Project.  The Abridging Works, in particular, I believe is an excellent way to begin re-reading the Book of Mormon from a different perspective.  It’s where I started, anyway.
The Reading Project begins tomorrow, 4 Feb 2014.