Reading Project Vol.2A, and release of Vol.4!

A few things on this post:

First: We are starting Volume 2 of the ongoing Cultural History of the Book of Mormon Reading Project, with Book A: Voicing Being Power.  The “coding” follows that outlined in the original post on the Reading Project.



Second: As stated, the price of both books in Volume Two will be reduced to $17.50 for this month.  I would prefer readers purchase these books from the publisher, Createspace, by following the links:

Volume 2A

Volume 2B


Third: Should you wish to purchase a “unified” Volume Two, containing both books, this is now available.  It can be purchased from the publisher today, and from Benchmark Books (in a few days).  This is a big book, and the price is $27.50.  It will not be sold on Amazon.

The Cultural History of the Book of Mormon: Volume 2

Fourth: The files for Volume One will be removed week by week, as well.



Volume Four is finished!

It also comes in two books:

Four A: What Dreams Have Come

Four A is available on Createspace, Amazon, and on Kindle.

I don’t trust Amazon to pull up this volume, if you search “cultural history,” however.

They are having problems there, for example, Volume Three: Beta Waves, which must be searched for with the exact title, or it only appears in the Kindle format!  The same is apparently true of this Volume Four: What Dreams Have Come.  I don’t know what their problem is, or how to fix it.  I suspect they are pushing Kindle formats over paperbacks.

You can find all the books (hopefully) on my AuthorPage .


This brings us to Volume Four B: Bodies of Word.

UPDATE: This title is now published, and can be purchased here, or on Kindle and Amazon in a few days.