Reading Project 2A.3

Third installment of Volume 2, Book A of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon:


Also, Volume 4 is now available, Book A: What Dreams Have Come and Book B: Bodies of Word.

And a combined Volume 2, with both books, can be purchased here.



Finally, there was some mention on Facebook of me being tied to Denver Snuffer and Rock Waterman, in some sort of “neo-fundamentalist” movement.

Yeah, we are the First Presidency, and insist on getting back to fundamentals.  I like Denver and Rock, but I cannot see any “movement,” and certainly would mock any effort to call it by some name, and to thereby pretend one understands everyone now classed in that movement.

I think we should read a book, and then decide if it is true.  If that makes me a fundamentalist, I think you do not know the meaning of that word, and am not surprised you do not.

The term “fundamentalist” often now is used as a form of abuse by those with slight learning, who also know what reality really is about, as they’ve been told by some authority but typically cannot explain for themselves.

I won’t say what I would call a movement among LDS-attenders-but-smug-non-believers in the BoM.  Because I have tried to cut down on my use of the f-word, I will call them part of “labelism,” a ridiculous movement that seeks to name things, but not to understand; to benefit from the knowledge of others, and like all parasites, to find hosts to suck the life from.  If you think venues like Mormon Stories are not correlated, censored, or are in any sense very different from what you’d find governing the words said during Sunday School, I think you have been fooled.