Volume Five Published: Book Fantasia

The series, A Cultural History of the Book of Mormon, comes to completion with the publication of Book Fantasia.


The book is available from Createspace and also on Amazon and Kindle.  Also, if you like the books, please add a review on Amazon, or give it a star-rating.  I don’t generally read these, to be honest, but others do, and the books have been trolled by a few well-meaning, not-well-read commenters.

Finally, a preview of chapter three, Imagining the Book of the Lamb, given as a presentation (in SLC, Utah) can be viewed on Youtube.


This final volume of the cultural history looks into the future,
having seen enough of the past. A collection of related essays
imagining what is possible from the Book of Mormon, it
ponders the book into a fantasia. The collection begins with a
reading of Nephi’s Vision which opens a rather different
perspective on the Book of the Lamb, the subject of an
imaginative reconstruction. The third essay of the volume tells
a fantastical and tragical tale of the Remnant, recipients of the
Book of the Lamb, and long waiting with scales over their eyes.
Their role in creating New Jerusalem is explored, a future again
taking us back to the Book of Mormon’s scene of at-one-ment,
when Christ glorifies his disciples and they are one with him
and the Father. The relationship between Christ and the one
he calls Father is imagined across the essays, and most clearly in
a new reading of Atonement derived from the pages of the
Book of Mormon. Short fantasias give us guesses about the
book’s geography, and provide a reading of the Book of
Moroni, regarded as the preface to the Sealed Writings of that
same author. Finally, a wholly exploratory essay concludes the
volume by pointing to a need to ponder the Name, baptism in
it, calling upon it, and praying in it.