Reading Project vol.2B

After a week off, we are back to the Reading Project of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon.
April is devoted to Volume 2B: Follies Epic and Novel.  Many thanks to those who have continued with the project, I hope it is worthwhile.  The community of readers is small, of course, but quite literally global, stretching from Asia to Africa, and far down into South America.

Here is the first installment for this month:


As explained in the original post about this project, the PDFs for Volume 2A will be removed week by week.  And the price of Volume 3: Beta will drop to $17.50.  The entire cultural history is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and from the publisher Createspace.

The fifth volume, Book Fantasia, was published a week or so ago.  A video presentation derived from an essay in Vol.5, regarding the Book of the Lamb, can be viewed on YouTube.