If You Read the Cult.Hist. of B.o.M.

If you’ve been reading the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon, I think you are far ahead of most who think, worry, argue and puzzle over Mormonism and Mormon history. How many questions can you now ignore, or wonder at the strangeness of their asking? I look over Facebook groups devoted to Mormon matters, and am all amazed at the foolishness they are seen daily offering, confused by the pace that so slowly they are awakening, and then smothering others back into unrestful slumber. The CH series is long, I’m afraid, but it does offer a shortcut through the vast and often wildly overgrown landscape of writings on the subject.

The problem for me, now, is to be able to explain what it is I do believe, and more importantly, why I believe so, without having to point to 10 books as my response.