BoM Cult.Hist. Reading Project VOL3 BETA

This month we begin Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep.

First up for your downloading pleasure is BETA WAVES.


The first part of Volume 3: Beta Waves sees the author reconstruct how the modern institutional church arose from the Sunday Schools and YMMIA organizations, showing how the Book of Mormon was reshaped as curriculum taught by generic instructors to imagined pupils. Central to this reshaping was the creation of an imagined Book of Mormon World, a work of writers like George Reynolds, Moses Thatcher, James Talmage, and B.H. Roberts. Their metatextual labor integrated the imagined World of the Book of Mormon with the rising administrative structure to give us a very different way of reading that book.


In addition, you can now purchase from the publisher the “unified” Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep.


And also, unified VOLUME 4: The Imaginary is now available.