BoM Reading Project Vol3Beta.3 and Vol.5 excerpt

Third installment of volume three: Beta Waves, in the ongoing Reading Project of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon:



Also, if you have completed any of the volumes, from 1 all the way to 5, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned, and if what you’ve learned has changed how you practice/think about “Mormonism.” Again, I’m interested in hearing from those who’ve only finished Volume 1, to those all the way through Volume 5. I have no plans to use your words as advertisements, by the way; it would be nice to hear from readers, however. One can begin to doubt the value of one’s books, when a value other than monetary is of interest. You can reply to this post as a “comment,” or if you’d prefer to send something privately, send to

Finally, I’m providing this excerpt from Volume Five: Book Fantasia, drawn from a chapter discussing Nephi’s Vision and Prophecy.