Ordain me…I want your magic, invisible power

The easiest trick to pull on children is to tell them you have a magic token in your hand, which is invisible. It is this token which I will now hide from you, I then explain, should they try to grab it. Everything that happens for good in my day comes through the power of this magic token.

Or, as Lisa Simpson tried to explain to her father:


In more recent cases, by not allowing someone to have this magic, invisible token of power, I ensure that they will organize a movement presupposing its existence, and arguing for its distribution to those arbitrarily precluded from taken it on.  The more arbitrary the exclusion, the more powerful the desire to see the power distributed, strangely enough.

Then I will proceed to initiate sanctions on the persons attempting to acquire my invisible token, and by sanctioning them, only show that indeed I have the power they seek.  I have now punished the children for searching for my magic token, which is, of course, invisible. Only those with special powers can sense it, see it, and even use the magic token. I have the power of the power, the keys to hold the keys to the magic token, which is really the right to hold the magic token, contingent on my assessment of your invisible purity, as measured by vague standards I alone am privy to, and won’t explain to anyone.

The more opposition that is given to my arbitrary exclusion of others from my magic token, the more others seek for my magic token, the more it gains power over them, until they believe it to be real, and then they might offer their lives for it.

But I don’t have the magic token at all, that is why it is an invisible power.

God does not conceal his power, but we conceal our lack of power by performances and rationalizations: magic tricks designed to use belief to stand in for power.

If someone has The Power, the real stuff (which I believe exists), it is pretty clearly explained in accepted LDS scripture what they can, and sometimes, are doing with that power.  And ceremonies and administration duties are not the most interesting of these abilities.

I’d say, if Monson were turning the course of rivers, moving mountains, by the word of power raising the dead, opening the heavens, lifting cities to Enoch; if he was communing with gods and angels (and showing some tangible evidence of doing so), altering weather patterns, and so on, then I’d be pretty anxious to get some of that.

What Priesthood Power can he offer you, Homer?  Lisa replies: Power over others who believe you have that same power.