For The Record

OK. The NOT Articles of Faith.

Just in case someone cares, let me interview myself:

Q. What is your agenda?

A. Here’s what I’m NOT trying to do, and NOT saying, for the record:

1. I’m not trying to change the Church or its leaders. It’s not my place to do such things.

2. I’m not saying the Church is in apostasy. It isn’t.

3. I’m not trying to get priesthood for anyone, or deny it. Priesthood as I understand the word is not a power, nor a thing one can “get,” any more than I “get” a neighborhood, womanhood, or brotherhood.

4. I’m not advocating joining any group or following any leader. Obviously.

5. I’m not doubting the metaphysics of Mormonism. For obvious reasons found in that sentence.

6. I’m not doubting the Book of Mormon as a historical record of an ancient people.

7. I’m not saying President Monson is a fallen prophet. He isn’t.

8. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be wrong, to worship idols, to be confused by words and histories. You do, so do I, and we both regularly exercise these rights as Mormons.

9. I don’t think the Church should change. Whatever people mean by that word, it’s their business. I’m content to observe it, on the path it is taking, as I understand that word.

Q. What do you think about what is currently splashed on the internet regarding Mormonism, Women, Gay Marriage, John Dehlin, etc?

A. Um, I think people should not go out to sing until they’ve learned their song well, nor to teach until they’ve be taught.

I think “equality” is not a good word, not to be spoken as a wedding vow: As Bob Dylan said, the only thing people have in common is they are all going to die. Prepare for that.

So, in summary: I really couldn’t care less about players on a stage competing for imaginary things. Although, I am working on an opera…