Cultural History 4B: Bodies of Word

I am grateful for readers who press on hoping to come to better understanding of their own traditions and scripture. It is often a difficult and lonely work, but you should know you are not alone, and that not only those among the living are interested in your endeavors.

The next book in our ongoing study of the cultural history of the Book of Mormon concerns how words shape our imagination and speculation of things intangible, e.g., spirits, gods, souls, atonement, sin, intelligences, and so on. We use words to speak of such things, and as a result, our thinking about them is shaped by words, grammars, syntax, history and culture.

This is for some the most difficult of the books, and for others, the most satisfying and stimulating.  We can agree it is the longest of the books, if measured by words.

Here is the first installment: