Inviting All Clever Geniuses!

A Challenge to Clever Scientistical Genius Unbelievers:

I am saying ____________________________.

Thus, _________________________________.

Fill it in, however you’d like, and argue against it. 

Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to misunderstand what a person is saying, and then to argue against what they are not saying!

Let this post stand in, whenever you feel the urge to read a post concerning something you’ve decided is built by fraudulent (legal term!) designing men.  Why bother reading a blog post about something you’ve decided is fake?  In order to patrol the boundaries of truth, of course!  We mustn’t allow a person to say something disagreeable, without pointing that out!

You have been called to the Correlation Committee of the Ex-Mormon Church.  So, Patrol away, free thinking liberal minded scientistical geniuses!  Insist that I am saying X, and that X is stupid!

I’ve also provided a list of “smart” sounding terms and phrases you can use in your reply to my absurd claims.  Consider it free therapy.

Fool, dummy, lazy, ignorant, don’t you know about ___?, straw man!, Ad Hominen!, Modus Tollens!, QED, Ergo, Liar!, Idiot, Plagiarist, and so on. 

Feel free to add your clever replies below!

Seriously, use your anonymous monikers to comment on something no one said, and then call me names, having read nothing I’ve written, not even the post.  So much arrogance, vanity, and ignorance all rolled up in a blog comment does make me laugh.  I do reserve the right to change your comments into even funnier ones.